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Babylone Linrary The idea for this project was inspired to me by my previous work at the Tyrol State Library, where I noticed that such a large library was lacking Arabic books, and this is what motivated me to search for an Arabic library in Austria that provides this kind of books. Unfortunately, I did not find such a library, although a significant Arab community of various nationalities live in Austria. I decided to research this case in more depth, and with the passage of days this idea developed. I decided to create a project that would benefits those who wish to learn about the sciences of the Arabs, as well as the sciences of Europeans in Arabic language, which is the (Babylon Library) project, and so I started contacting several publishing houses in the Middle East, securing a quick and easy way to deliver these valuable books and full of knowledge to Europe. Also there is a higher and many reasons which has given me a good motive to work on this subject; Arabic books are among the most prominent books that contain valuable knowledge and enrich the human mind, but unfortunately culture materials nowadays are not a major topic of discussion in our current era, especially in the digital age that has surpassed the industrial age in terms of the speed of production, as well as in light of the political fluctuations taking place in the Arab world, it has made a barrier between Society and knowledge. Because of the involvement of community members in daily works and the search for a living, due to the high costs and the difficult life, people desire to read receded. Mobile phones and social media have become the opiate with which society escapes from reality. In our turn, we see that this topic is no less important than any other issue related to the mental health of society which i conducted on some societies through our travels from one country to another. I discovered that low culture often affects efficiency of awareness in moral relativism and the radical translation of consciousness. Therefore, the modern world and the digital age neglected literary culture, classics and the arts. The main objective of the Library of Babel is to encourage the Arabs to learn about the sciences of the world, and the rest of the societies that live in this world. Yes, the life that we live is nothing but social bonds, which are embodied through the material sensations that we enjoy., and through what we produce in this world, and in turn we are part of this world, we have to search for our questions and direct them to the human mind and the world's mind that provides us with initial ideas, which in turn help us expand the horizon of our questions. And this only happens through work and perseverance, learning and reading, And exploring the culture of the peoples of the world. Hussein EL Nawab M.phil


Soziales Die Babylons Social Society setzt sich für den Schutz der Menschenrechte im Allgemeinen und der Rechte der Frauen im Besonderen ein. Wir bemühen uns auch um die Lösung der sozialen Probleme, mit denen die Familie in Bezug auf Arbeit, Wohnen, etc. konfrontiert werden. تعمل جمعية بابليون الثقافية على حماية حقوق الإنسان بشكل عام وحقوق […]

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Kurspläne Lernen Sie mit uns die Sprache mit Hilfe unserer effektiven Methode, die Ihnen echte Ergebnisse liefert. Sprachunterricht mit neuer Methodik: Der Unterricht ist für zwei Altersgruppen vorgesehen (Kinder und Jugendliche bzw. Erwachsene) und wird in verschiedene Lehrpläne unterteilt. Unsere Arabischkurse sind einerseits Kurse für nicht-arabische Personen, zusätzlich bieten wir auch eigene Kurse für arabische

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Lehrpläne ستتضمن دروس اللغة العربية ثلاث مراحل: مستوى المبتدئين / المستوى التمهيدي / المستوى المتوسط ، بالإضافة إلى دروس القواعد العربية Ab 20 Euro Gib hier deine Überschrift ein ستكون الدروس لفئتين عمريتين، وستنقسم الدروس للناطقين بالغة العربية، وللناطقين بغير العربية بمناهج مختلفة. كما ستتضمن الدورات على ثلاث أقسام : القسم الاول وهو قسم اللغة

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Books Ultricies dui, pellentesque pellentesque tristique rhoncus, risus elementum massa orci tellus arcu velit molestie quisque fusce. Featured book Elementum aliquam hendrerit volutpat​ Venenatis nisi, viverra arcu maecenas dictum ipsum at magna interdum morbi sit neque vitae dictumst urna.Pharetra sed libero, et augue velit, habitasse morbi lacinia arcu, id porta tristique in pellentesque donec amet

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سياسة الاسترجاع لخدمة عملائنا بأفضل المنتجات، يتم فحص كل منتج تختاره بدقة، ليتم بعد ذلك تعبئته بعناية فائقة، وبعد تعبئة المنتج بشكل دقيق يتم شحنه لك بأسرع وقت ممكن للأسف هناك أوقات قد لا يتوفر فيها المنتج (المنتجات) الذي تختاره في المخزون أو قد نواجه بعض.المشكلات مع مخزوننا، في مثل هذه الحالات قد نضطر إلى

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